Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts


This exercise tones and conditions the muscles of the lower back and abdominal muscles, it relieves pressure (on the lower back, major blood vessels, ureters, and bladder), it increases circulation, relieves general tension, and often improves digestion. This exercise can also help the baby to come forward, relieving pressure.

Step One: In the hands and knees position (hands and knees should form a box), keep your lower back flat. Relax, don’t arch or sag your back.


Step Two: Take a deep breath, then, while slowly exhaling, drop your head, keep your back straight, tuck in your bottom, and draw in your belly. Hold this posture for a count of three, then exhale and relax back into beginning position.


~Do Three Sets of 20 Pelvic Tilts Each Day~

v    1 set of 20 pelvic tilts in the morning

  v    1 set of 20 pelvic tilts in the afternoon

                                                                                                  v    1 set of 20 pelvic tilts before bed.