Applying for an Apprentice License


Here are some suggestions when you wish to apply.

            Step 1 – Go to the web site and print off your application.

This will tell you all the things you need to have inside the packet to send to them.  You must have everything complete, including current CPR and NNR certification.  

              Step 2 – Find out when the next board meeting is, and have your packet there AT LEAST a month in advance.  10 days before the scheduled meeting is the cut-off and you will simply have to wait until the next meeting if your file is incomplete.  So it is never too early to get your packet in line.

          Step 4 – Call the Board’s secretary to find out if your packet is complete.   406-841-2331   FAX  406-841-2305

                  Step 5 – About 3 weeks after the meeting, you will receive a letter and a license #  in the mail if your packet was reviewed and approved.  Copy this paper and cut out the license, with supervisor’s name on it, and made a wallet sized “card” by laminating it.

          Step 6  –  Happy studying!