Congratulations on your new baby and your decision to breastfeed.  This is not always an easy decision, but the rewards are great. The following are some advantages relating to breastfeeding.

1)   Your milk is made for your baby. It is easy to digest. The proteins are exactly the right type for optimal brain growth:

2)   The baby is less likely to develop allergies if general foods and cow’s milk can be withheld until the baby is older and more able to tolerate these foods.

3)   The immune factors in breast milk protect your baby from infections and other diseases. This is especially helpful if the baby will be in a daycare situation.

4)   Many mothers are surprised at the amount of anxiety felt when they have to leave their baby in the care of another person. Breastfeeding helps overcome those anxieties by giving the mother a special tie to the baby that no one else can fulfill.

5)   The feeding time helps develop confidence in knowing what the baby needs and how to care for those needs. In other words, the bonding time helps cement the relationship.


There are as many breastfeeding situations as there are families. For this reason, it is recommended that each mother contact a Lactation Consultant or La Leche League Leader to discuss her particular options.