Childbirth Classes for Natural Birth

There are usually childbirth classes offered pretty consistently in larger cities.  If you are more rural, and would like to have access to childbirth classes, either over the internet with handouts sent to you, or in person (the best way!), we want to provide some resources for you to start with.

If you have taken a class and are excited about it as a great resource, please let us know.  We will list it here, with the instructor’s permission.     Please contact Sherry at   for posting your childbirth class experience or instructor on this page.


 Lavender & Roses, Birth and Mothering Center in Libby, Montana,  has one offered on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM Mountain time.   Contact Sandra at       406- 293-6262 for more information about joining.  This class is also offered via Skype.