Lavender and Roses Birth & Mothering Center

Lavender and Roses Birth & Mothering Center

L&R_NewPaint_AA_WideSideView[2]                         Sherry Bushnell, DEM, CPM  


516 Louisiana St.  Libby, MT  59923 

Lavender and Roses, Birth & Mothering Center is a beautiful place to give birth. For women who are considered low risk, we offer a very special birth option. Midwife care and natural birth combine to give you a precious memory that will last forever, for your baby’s birth.
                     Our large birth suite has private bathroom. It includes a Waterbirth Solutions birth tub, called the “Lily”. Complete with optional mood lighting and water heater, we consider this our “midwife epidural”.
Local crafts decorate the center, along with furniture built from locally grown pine. We welcome you to visit our birth center for a tour. Just call for your very own appointment.
Montana licensed midwives are available to spend time with you, blending friendship with competent care. Come for your free consultation.

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