Massage in pregnancy could be just the thing to get you feeling better right away!

Most  pregnant women will  experience plenty of aches and pains, making them uncomfortable day or night. Did you know that a simple massage could easily smooth out those uncomfortable muscles?  Lots of benefits are involved when you get a good massage and any woman who is pregnant will enjoy the feelings of relaxation and a stress-free few minutes she can close her eyes and relieve some tension.

The benefits of massage in pregnancy

- Relaxes the body  –  It is really nice to utilize massage in pregnancy to alleviate stress, both physical in muscle and ligament pain and stress in your mind also!

- Muscle cramps –  Muscle cramps are way too common in most women’s bodies while they are pregnant.  Cramps can occur anywhere in the body, from the legs to the arms.  However, the most common place is the lower back, simply because the back is what supports the baby/uterus for staying upright. Use nice massage oil with an essential oil safe for baby. 

-Improves skin elasticity – Massage in pregnancy can actually enhance the pliability of your skin and tissues. Consistent massage of tissues, especially those prone to stretching in pregnancy,  helps keep skins stay strong and stretchy. 

- Improves outcome of labor and eases pain –  Massage in pregnancy can actually improve the outcome of your labor.  Being able to simply ease our body into a state of relaxation, especially when your baby’s head is born, will allow you to reduce the chance of tearing.  Don’t forget that it can also ease out those strong feeling of tightening in contractions, too.  

- Joint pain – You will experience more  joints mobility.  Most women, whether their first or 10th baby, have their biggest joints experiencing stress.  Massage can relieve this quickly.

Be Ready –  It is important that you are ready for a massage.  Some women are often shocked at the pressure felt during a massage. However, share candidly with your masseuse  and talk about your areas of concern.  Remind them to avoid areas around your upper thighs and abdomen, if that is tender. If possible, try to wear as little clothing as possible to allow for the masseuse to really help you out in all parts of your body.  He or she may require a note from your care provider that you are low risk and there no concerns surrounding giving you a massage.

Consider getting a good massage from someone experienced or certified in pregnancy massage.  Remember to ask them for some techniques that your partner can use at home for those long days and backaches!