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Together we provide women in our communities with beautiful birth options.  As we learn about each other and find ways to support the women around us, we make a stronger framework for families to join.  

We appreciate the  services and products you provide.

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To add your listing to the map on our home page. Please send in the form below and include a check for $45.00 for annual listing.  MMA current members are welcome to participate.

Any questions can be addressed to Sherry Bushnell, LM, CPM

sherry@lavenderandroses.org    406-293-6262.


Membership and MMA Web Listing Agreement for “Find a Midwife By Region”


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Company: ___________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________________________


Web site: ______________________________________________________


E-mail: ______________________________________________________________


MMA Midwife Membership $25.00 ____________________________________


MMA Web site Listing   $45.00 ________________________________________


LOOK! Want to serve as a MMA Region Representative?  

         Your annual MMA “Find a Midwife by Region” listing is free! Region page is enclosed. Just contact us to see if your region is still available. Region 2 and 7 are taken.


(Region Representative responsibilities are very light at this point: willingness to connect with your region’s natural birth community AND provide a quarterly update on midwifery news in your region for upcoming MMA newsletter. We will contact you via e-mail when we need it.


TOTAL $_________________________


Please send this form and check to:

MMA c/ o Sheehan Rosen

322 B Street,   Victor, MT 59875


_____ MMA agrees to maintain the member Midwife, Doula or Childbirth Educator listing on the “Find a Midwife by Region” on the MMA web site.   All midwife submissions are posted as submitted. Any changes to the original post will be midwife’s responsibility. They are free! Update your listing as often as you like. If there is an emergency or you need help with posting or have questions, please contact me (Sherry’s cell 208-946-0640).


______ All published articles, or listings in “Find a Midwife by Region” will be in accordance with MMA’s standard that promotes positive relationships, will be non-discriminatory, will promote healthy, normal, natural birth, and will include sound, research-based information.