Sherry Bushnell, Licensed Midwife in Libby, Montana

Sherry Bushnell, Licensed Midwife in Libby, Montana

Sherry Bushnell, LM, CPM

            Active Birth Concepts…. and Natural Mothering….

             Sherry Bushnell, DEM, CPM –   208-946-0640

I am a licensed midwife working in Montana and Idaho.  Working with women of all ages has been a joy for me since my own first days of pregnancy 28 years ago. As a midwife, I can relate to young mothers who are pregnant with their first baby, and older moms having children in their 40’s too. Birth options are abundant, so let’s get together to find out what works best for you.

Our beautiful birth center is in Libby, Montana.  516 Louisiana St.  1 block from St. John’s Lutheran Hospital.    Visit our site to see lots of pictures and more information.










I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2008, (# 09010003), through The Association of Texas Midwifery, in Midland, Texas. At Newlife Mercy Maternity Center in Davao, Philippines, the Summer of 2007, I worked with a variety of women giving birth.

I am  licensed midwife in the state of Montana, license #46.   I am also licensed in the state of Texas #99072 and Idaho, MID #7. I am certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation,  pharmacology, IV/Shock therapy and suturing.

Currently I am practicing in Montana and Idaho as a midwife, and owner of Lavender & Roses Birth and Mothering Center in Libby, Montana.  I have attended over 200 births to date.

My philosophy regarding natural birth and parenting:  God created women to have children with joy.  Labor, although a lot of hard work and pain for some women, can still be an incredible experience that is richly full of happy memories….starting with those first few weeks of pregnancy, helping you through labor as your “lifeguard” as you give birth to your baby, and being around as source of help as you begin the first few months of parenting.

Our intial get-to-know each other visit is free, along with a fun tour.   Our services include pre-pregnancy counseling, so whether you are thinking of getting pregnant or are already growing a baby, we’d love for you to come to meet us.   Join us for Natural Mothering Meetings.  If you want to be notified of dates and topics, just send us your e-mail.

Birth Center Phone number: 406-293-6262

516 Louisiana  Libby, MT  59923  (Lavender & Roses Birth and Mothering Center

Business  address:  672 Meadow Creek Rd.  Bonner’s Ferry, ID  83805